I am 53 years old. I live in Bloomington, Indiana with a woman whose company I don’t deserve and two cats who I adore.

I’m a “culinary professional” by trade and while I generally enjoy my modest life, I love to allow my mind to slip away to imaginary worlds.

When escaping to fiction, I have a soft spot for old-school pulp, along the lines of Howard, Lovecraft, and Smith. That said, I believe my years have given me the wisdom to give just about any genre a shot. If the characters are rich and I can feel my mind wandering, it’s likely that I’ll lose myself. I stumbled onto Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove in that manner and still marvel that I now consider myself open to a good western.

I cut my teeth on the Holmes “bluebook” edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Since then I have dipped my toes into a little bit of whatever I could get my hands on. I still probably favor fantasy overall but any genre will do. As I suspect is common in our hobby, I have read or collected a far more diverse collection of systems than I am likely to ever be able to devote much time to.

Speaking as a player, I lean town preferring a crunchy ruleset (owing my favorite gaming experience to the Hero System). However, I am most frequently the GM for my groups and in that role I’ll mold myself to the preferences of whatever poor souls I can round up.

I’m not one for edition wars or bad-mouthing systems that I don’t personally care for. Instead, I think there is value in all of these games we play. The saying about a rising tide lifting all boats certainly applies.

I am not sure what this endeavor shall become. Over the past year or so I have found a great deal of enjoyment in reading various blogs, watching YouTube videos, and listening to podcasts. Even when I’m not able to lose myself in a game, I have found that being able to daydream about this content has been a pleasant escape from mundane life.

As of this writing it’s my intention to simply share some things I’m working on. Maybe someone finds a use for something, or perhaps something I post will spark an idea. More than anything, I hope to meet some folks to interact with. Most of my normal players are “pressed into service” as opposed to being diehard role-players, so it’s always nice to talk shop. Thank you for stopping by and please take a moment to say “hello”.


About the Header Image Art

“Bag” has worked as a concept artist and illustrator in the video game business for 8 years, he has played RPGs for 26 years. You can reach him on twitter at twitter.com/bagthebag

Website: https://www.LoreWiseGames.com

About the Artist: “Bag” twitter.com/bagthebag

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